1 Kg Chicken Price in Karachi Today

Karachi is a bustling city filled with vibrant culture and unique flavors. Its very name conjures up images of curries, chutneys and biryani all accompanied by the fragrance of aromatic spices. But did you know that Karachites also have a great love for chicken? From delectable Kebab sandwiches to Tandoori Roast Chicken Karachites enjoy an array of meals. Inflation has hit the score hard in almost all sectors, including poultry, thereby making chicken prices soar higher than usual. Not only that compared with other cities across Pakistan, chicken is costlier in Karachi at present something which does not come as a surprise when we look more closely into how the current economic situation has impacted this sector adversely.

Today 1 KG Chicken Rate In Karachi

Item NameWeightPrice(Min-Max)
Broiler Chicken1 KGRs. 780 – Rs. 800
Boneless Chicken1 KGRs. 900 – Rs. 1250
Zinda Broiler Chicken (Live)1 KGRs. 500 – Rs. 700
Chicken Pot Klaji & Dil1 KGRs. 450 – Rs. 550
Grden (Neck) – گردن1 KGRs. 400 – Rs. 500
Egg Price1 DozenRs. 300 – Rs. 350

The Official Government Rate for Chicken

This is the Last Official Rate List I Found Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chicken rate today in Pakistan?

Today per kg chicken rate in Pakistan.

Per KGRs. 650 – 800

What is the rate of Desi Murgi?

Desi Chicken Price Is Depend on the location and many other facts the estimated price is Rs. 1000 to 2000.

What is the price of a full chicken?

This is Depend on The Weight of Full Chicken If the full chicken weight is 2 Kg so the price of this full chicken will be Rs.1600.

Which desi chicken is best?

Every Chicken Breed has a Different Taste you can choose and get which one you like most.

Aseel or Asil.
Golden Misri.
Lyallpur Silver Black.